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Using complimentary colours, this easy to do design creates a modern and elegant image that really stands out!

What's Needed:
Prisme Eggshell White
Prisme Turquoise
Prisme Vermillion
Vitrail Opale Blue Ocean
Vitrail Glitter
Canvas board
Pipette (2)
Cocktail Stick

Pour the Eggshell White, Vermillion and Turquoise in contrasting zig-zag patterns across your surface. Once the paints expand, the whole surface should be covered with an even depth. If not, tilt the board gently so the paint can fill the empty space.
Then, take a cocktail stick, or a coffee stirrer etc, and drag it through either in the pattern shown above, or your own preferred pattern.
Fill a pipette with the Vitrail Opaque in Blue Ocean, and then drop and swirl the paint on top of the paint that is already on the canvas – use your stick to pattern further.
Take a new pipette, and use it to drop the Vitrail Glitter Medium wherever you think works best.
Wait for the paints to dry, expand and react overnight.

(These paints are solvent based, so must be used in a well ventilated area. It’s advisable to wear latex gloves, and to avoid contact with clothing, and skin. Results will always differ from video, due to the nature of the paint.)

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