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A high-impact art work for those who love glossy textures!

What’s needed:
Glazing Resin
Vitrail in Pink, and Crimson
Moon in Emerald
Silver Mirror Foil
Paint Brushes

A day before painting this artwork, you’ll need to prepare the Glazing Resin on your canvas.
Prepare your glazing resin according to the instructions on the packet. Once prepared in the cup, wait for ten-fifteen minutes, for the resin to solidify slightly. This helps to create a more three dimensional effect on the canvas.
Gently pour, or drizzle the glazing resin on your canvas using a pipette, in a pattern of your choice, or one similar to the video – leave to dry for 12 hours.
Once dry, prepare your paints.
Apply the pink Vitrail to the canvas with a brush, making sure that you apply generously, and cover the resin. Add Crimson Vitrail in some areas to create a greater depth pf colour.
Don’t worry about the Vitrail appearing uneven, it settles with time.
Then, take the emerald Moon paint, and begin to drizzle in a pattern that compliments the glazing resin. (Use a pipette.) You’ll see the paints start to react with each other.
Leave the art work to dry for an hour, on a flat surface until the paint that covers the glazing resin begins to become sticky (like a boiled sweet).
Apply the mirror foil mirror side-up to the Vitrail covered glazing resin. Make sure you push down hard!
Leave to dry for another 12 hours.

(These paints are solvent based, so must be used in a well ventilated area. It’s advisable to wear latex gloves, and to avoid contact with clothing, and skin. Results will always differ from video, due to the nature of the paint.)


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